Vietnam Series

In 1966 I was sent to Vietnam to work in the dining facility. I was corporal when I started my service there, but was soon promoted to Sergeant. I brought along with me two cameras 35mm SLR cameras, a Canonflex RM quick loading and a Penta made by the now defunct Petri Optical Company. I had these cameras as a back up for the other.

Due to the abundance of 35mm film in Vietnam, I was able to access it easier than any other film format. To process the film, I would buy a pre-paid envelop and mailed it to the Kodak facility in Hawaii, since there were no darkroom facilities in Vietnam. The processed film were turned into slides and mailed back.

I began photographing anything and everything I could focus on. This practice helped me decide on the 35mm format that I would eventually continue to photograph during my years after the Vietnam War.