The Marine Corps

I joined the Marine Corps in 1961, where I went through my basic training in boot camp before being assigned. I had an agreement with my mother that since I was the oldest, that when I turned eighteen I would leave home. My options were extremely limited and since at the time there was no war going on, I thought of going into the service for the country would help me provide some direction.

Due to my juvenile record for throwing rocks at a parked bulldozer's lowered shovel, deemed vandalism at the time, I was denied entry into the Navy and Air Force. The Marine Corps was left to take me in and that began my experience away from home for the very first time. Unfortunately my taste for alcohol was further induced during the time I served. I was encouraged to join a program at the Marine Corps Navy Rehab Center in San Diego in 1980. 

I left the program after three months and have been sober ever since. During this time I met many people, as I have done today, who say they had nothing to do and seemed like they were just waiting around to die. Without photography I would have become one of these people. It saved me then, as it continues to do so today, by becoming the main focus in my life. The following series of photographs are from my time in the service on the US bases located in these countries. 

Japan Series

Time Off, Vietnam 1966

Vietnam Series