I had taken the subway to visit my sister and ot of curiosity I had gotten off at Kensington and Allegheny Avenue. I have often done this during bus rides through cities and have found luck in coming away with photographs of my experiences in the neighborhoods that I found interesting. My cousin Reynold has warned me about the danger in this neighborhood, about the drugs and K&A gang known today as the Irish Mob an organized crime unit. I knew that this would be a place I would return with my camera.

My first day with my camera in Kensington, I met a prostitute by the name of Nickie who I photographed. She was kind enough to show me the way around the streets of Kensington. Soon I was able to find my way around the neighborhood, and slowly but surely got to know certain junkies, prostitutes, gang members, disease-ridden and homeless individuals. 

Often these photographs portray some of the younger people who once came here for a thrill, but never returned to the safety of their comfortable homes and families in the surrounding suburbs of Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delawar