In And Out of LA

In and Out of LA series was built on the back of the Skid Row series. It continued my exploration into the various individuals that lived or drifted in and out of the city, drawn by their dreams for a better life, but not always achieving them.

Many of city's streets cut through various neighborhoods in the LA county, often running below the vast networks of highways, bridges and ending in alleyways. Some of the images depict the outskirts of Los Angeles where I had also traveled to and had lived. In some of these places and others like it, I would also discover Vietnam veterans, prostitutes, transvestites, drug addicts, runaways, illegal immigrants, Native Indians and other individuals who succumbed to some of society's darker side of the good life. Homeless patients  illegally dumped into the streets by hospitals and law enforcement agencies, were also found here. This dumping was only investigated by the mid 2000s.

The photographs in this series are a reminder of society's thinking and attitude, then as well as now, towards the problems as "not being in my backyard".