Photographs My Way - The Book


About the book

Photographs My Way is the first photographic book that I have had the great pleasure of collaborating on. The idea for this book had long been incubating in my mind since the last decade. The realization and scope of making this book, began in 2013 when I met fellow photographer, Neil Marcello, at the Light Room cooperative for photographers. We discussed the possibility of self-publishing on a limited budget and the timeframe that would be required for such an endeavor, considering our busy schedules.

I had granted Neil full license on the creative front, and invited him to write the preface for the book. Through a series of interviews, which he conducted over the span of several months, a narrative was transcribed that would fit the context of the images that you will see in the book. The most challenging part would be editing out what wasn't essential, and leave in content that clearly illustrated the significance of my 30-year journey as a street photographer. 

Photographs My Way not only allows me to share my perspectives, as I've seen it through the lens of my camera, it also provides an opportunity for anyone wanting to own my photographic works, to find them within a single tangible source. I hope that you will find my book to be as meaningful as it is to me. Please note: page 51 3rd paragraph should read (Donna )not Dick Sanders ,and (she) not he ,for this I do apologize. Ronal Corbin

Additional info

Photographs by Ronald Dean Corbin

Book Preface by Neil Marcello

Book Editing & Design by Neil Marcello

Hardcover, Dust Jacket

80 pages, 8" x 10

109 Black & White reproductions

Proline Pearl Coated Paper Stock

Printed by Blurb Books

Distributed by

Publication Date: Jan 2016